Frequently Asked Questions

Why silicone?

Silicone is stronger, won’t discolor over time, and is more tear-resistant than other materials like latex, foam, or fabric. It also provides the best mobility and flexibility! Most importantly, it is also latex-free, so those with latex sensitivities can use the lekku.

How much do they weigh?

Varies depending on size, but the current largest is around 4-5lbs when fully stuffed. The lekku are a thin layer of silicone, tear-proof mesh, and more silicone, and are stuffed with stuffing. This keeps them lightweight, and comparable to the weight of a latex or foam piece. When applied properly, neck/shoulder pain is minimal to none.

How flexible are they?

Nothing moves like silicone! While latex and fabric can get you some flexibility, silicone will give you TOTAL head and neck movement (up,down, side, over shoulder). The lekku can bend and flex and will not develop creases or dents. They will also react (bounce and wiggle!) to walking and dynamic poses.

How to apply?

Silicone prosthetics do need some extra work to get the fit just right. If the headpiece feels big or loose straight out of the box, don't worry this is normal! They are overstuffed for shipment, so removing some stuffing is the first step. You may also want to trim the hairline for a more custom fit- if so, please check out our Tutorial on how to do this. Simply follow the instructions on the prosthetic glue, and hold your lekku in place for a few minutes to ensure it has dried in place. If the layer of glue was adequate, the lekku should be locked in place all day. To remove, gently peel away from your skin. No special remover needed. Do try to avoid getting a lot in your hair!

Can I order more than one and ship together?

Yes! If you are waiting on/plan on ordering more than one, please feel free to contact us either via email or Instagram and we can arrange for the orders to be shipped together to save on shipping costs.

I didn't get my Contract sent to me after I ordered?

Sometimes the email is sent to Junk or elsewhere- just email us at and we can send you a copy!